A LIVE Web Class On Awakening Your Best Self, 
Boldly Carrying Your Message of Hope & 
Fully LIVING The Freedom & Happiness Of Sobriety! 
Hi! My name is Jenifer Madson, author of Living The Promises, Founder of Next Step Sobriety™, and in long-term recovery (33 years and counting) from alcohol and drug addiction. 

About twelve years into my recovery, I came to a turning point: I wasn't drinking or using anymore, but I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of great pain and loss created by the limiting beliefs and addictive habits that still ran my life. 

I knew that if I wanted to fully realize the freedoms of this amazing second chance, I needed higher level life skills and strategies than meetings and sponsors alone could offer, so I set out on a quest to master the mindset and behaviors to break through to the joy and fulfillment I dreamed of.

The education I've received on that journey has transformed my spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional life, enabling me to live each day from passion, purpose, abundance, possibility, and impact, in and out of the rooms!

In this web class, I'll share how I did it, and the "next steps" you can take to the emotional, financial, and spiritual freedom you seek!
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If you’re at a pivotal point in your recovery from addiction and ready for “more”: more skills, confidence, and tools to awaken your best self, and fully LIVE the freedom and happiness of sobriety, this web class is for you! 

We focus on the system, strategies, and actions to measurably advance our relationship to ourselves and others, and bring our dreams to life!

No matter what your “program of origin,” we concentrate on the “next steps” to break through to the sober life you really want.